HD Radio = Hidden Doubloons

(OK, sorry for the lame title, but you come up with something for HD other than High Definition. :))

One of the local NPR radio stations has a HD2 channel that they use to put music on. Now, considering there's probably a handful of HD receivers out there, and none of them in my house, I'm not able to get these treasures via terrestrial radio means.Which is kind of a bummer, because WDET2's music program manager puts together a three-hour show called "In The Flat Field" that has industrial and goth metal music. So, one of my biggest complaints about radio not catering to extreme tastes (and instead catering to the pablum that passes for contemporary music) is sated, and I can't get to it.

Enter Internet Radio and podcasts.

WDET, like most radio stations, has an Internet Radio stream. So, during the day, I can stream WDETHD2 using Rhythmbox or Banshee. So, I can get local music via the internet. That's a plus.

But what's even better is the show is also available as a podcast. So when I forget to tune in when the show is broadcast, I can listen to it via podcast from the In the Flat Field site. That my friends, is awesome.

Yeah, I know it's nothing for some stations to rebroadcast their shows as a podcast, but it's nice to know that there's still stations out there that broadcast great music. And for that, WDET2 needs to be commended.