Penguicon events

Penguicon is fast approaching, and with it are some events that I'll be presenting:

  • Podcasting 101 (April 30th, 11am): I'll be demonstrating how I put together Open Metalcast from scratch, right before your very eyes. I'll also talk about how I distribute my podcast, as well as some thoughts on licenses for a music podcast. This is similar to what I presented at the Michigan UNIX Users group a few months ago, so if you missed that, be sure to check this out.
  • Ubuntu Natty Release Party (April 29th, 7pm): The Michigan Ubuntu Loco is planning on meeting at the bar at Penguicon at 7pm on Friday to celebrate the release of Ubuntu 11.04. RSVP here to let us know you're coming, and hope to see you there!
  • Ubuntu Natty Release Panel (April 30th, 3pm): Since Ubuntu 11.04 will just be released, the Michigan Ubuntu Loco will also be fielding a panel discussion on the new release. We'll talk about the new features of 11.04, and whatever else comes to mind about the release. Should be a lively discussion!

There's plenty more happening at Penguicon that I'm not directly involved with, so be sure to check out the Events page for whatever tickles your fancy! Hope to see you there!