Tear down this wall

At JoDee's work, they're planning on dismantling and moving a control wall. Being the aspiring humorist that I am, I remarked "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" in my best Ronald Regan impression, referring to the Berlin Wall, and Ronald Regan's now-famous speech. After which, I said "... and nobody born after 1990 will get that reference".

Think about that for a second.

My generation grew up with a divided Germany. The Berlin wall was a constant. You had East Germany, and West Germany, and a giant, heavily guarded wall between the two. That was just the way it was after World War II. Sure, we questioned it, since people were cut-off from loved ones, and passage between the two Germanies was difficult, but the threat of communism and the possibility of a re-unified Germany scared us from considering the matter further. The Berlin Wall remained a constant.

And now, the Berlin Wall is a footnote in history.

I wonder what other constants in our lives can be turned into footnotes if we try?

There's no such thing as public static final when we put our minds to it.