A simple object lesson on what's wrong with the music industry - dumping

Here is a simple object lesson of what is wrong with the music industry.

Exhibit A:

imageThis was taken at a local Borders store. There are literally 3 full sleeves of Susan Boyle's Christmas album. In the regular CD section, there's a smattering of classic artists, such as David Bowie, Rush, and Pink Floyd; each with a greatest hits album to just show representation.

Over in the Buy Two, Get One Free: Copies of John Coltrane's Ascension. On other Borders trips, I've found Valery Gergeiv's Mahler cycle, as well as Iron Maiden's back catalog. That's right, they're clearing out the good stuff.

Seriously, why the fuck would anyone feel the need to have three sleeves of this album? No offense to Susan Boyle, but her record company and the buyer for Borders need to be lined up against the wall and shot for this sort of crap. Even at a buck a disc, there's no way they could clear this out. What imagined demand were they thinking might happen that couldn't be sated with another order, or another pressing. Seriously, I have to go online to find Emerson Lake and Palmer or Peter Gabriel's back catalog (which, funny enough, was in the 40% clearance rack at another Borders), but this takes up three sections of their shelves? Hell, there wasn't even a classical section to speak of, but this shit sits, awaiting some suckers to purchase it.

Man, no wonder people don't purchase CDs anymore.