Alien Greetings

JoDee mentioned that Jodie Foster gave SETI some cash keep going in their search for extra-terrestrial activity. That got me thinking: if the UFO conspiracy and ancient alien "theorists" wanted to shut everyone up about alien contact, I can think of no better way to do it than to fund SETI. Instead of bellerin' and shoutin' about how mainstream science won't accept your theories, why not instead help mainstream science to confirm those theories? What better way to tell scientists that aliens have visited this planet in the past than by decoding their message "Dear Earthlings: Had a blast last time we were there. Would love to see you again soon. Come see us when you develop faster-than-light travel. Until then, please write. XOXO -Aliens".

So, how about it? Why not send those proceeds from your books, DVDs, and God-knows-what-else you're selling / smoking and put it to good use? At least give SETI enough to send a card when the aliens do contact us.I hear postage off-world is atrocious.