Motivational Tweaking

This morning I got up and mowed the lawn. It really needed it, and the push mower was having all it could do to make it through the damp morning dew-covered grass. But, the sun was shining, Five-Finger Death Punch and Iron Thrones were on the Sansa, and I plowed through it.

And now I'm ready to take on the world.

I told JoDee that I need to take this feeling and bottle it up for the next morning when I feel sluggish. She commented that it was endorphins giving my body the pep-talk, but it would be nice the next time that I don't feel like exercising to uncork that bottle, and give my tired, can't-exercise body a whiff of what it smells and feels like to have exercised and awoken with your body saying "c'mon, let's go!"

What are some ways that you awaken yourself to exercising in the morning?