Ohio Linuxfest: Coming Soon!

Feel that in the air? That somewhat chilly feeling of back-to-school and fall weather. It can only mean one thing (well, besides the fact that summer is over, and the kids are almost back to school, and I'll have to re-learn how to drive in Michigan winters). Yes, it means that Ohio Linuxfest is right around the corner.

"But Craig", I imagine you saying right now to your favorite Internet-enabled device, "isn't Ohio Linuxfest only... oh my... yep, it's just around the corner isn't it?"

"I know", I say back to you, "isn't it amazing how time flies when you least expect it? But fear not, dear reader, for we shall persevere and get you down to Ohio Linuxfest so you too can bask in the sheer-awesomeness that is Ohio Linuxfest".

For those of you who don't know what Ohio Linuxfest is, it's a weekend event that has been growing ever since 2003 into a massive conference and celebration of Free and Open Source Software. This year it'll be September 9-11, at the The details of the conference are available at http://web.archive.org/web/http://ohiolinux.org, but here's a brief run-down:

  • Ohio Linuxfest is free (as in beer) to attend, provided you register early. If you show up at the door, they'll ask you for $5 for registration. Think of it as an anti- procrastination incentive.
  • HOWEVER: You'll just get to attend the conference for free. If you also want a super-awesome T-Shirt, lunch on Saturday, and the warm fuzzy feeling that you'll be helping to keep Ohio Linuxfest running next year, you can register as a Supporter for $65. And you know you like supporting.
  • But don't they also have training? Sure thing, and you can get access to the training classes by registering as a Professional for $300.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "But Craig, Ohio Linuxfest is in Ohio, and my favorite reality TV-show 'Celebrity Mutant Squirrel Apprentice' is on this weekend. What could I possibly get out of Ohio Linuxfest that beats watching famous mutant squirrels try to outsmart each other?

Well, for starters, there's the presentations. There's keynotes by none other than Jon "maddog" Hall and Bradley Kuhn. There's Ubucon on Friday. There's the After Party.

But what's more important than all of that is being in the middle of a community of Free and Open Software developers, and having the chance to talk with them outside of sterile Internet communication forums. It's the chance to hang out with people who design, make, and build the things you use every day.

"OK, you've convinced me to forego 'Celebrity Mutant Squirrel Apprentice'. What should I do?

Head on over to the Ohio Linuxfest site for info on how to register. Also check out the hotels link for making your sleeping arrangements (very important). Check out the directions in case you don't know how to get there. And plan to have a great time.

(Shameless Plug: Rick and I will be down there with our Lococast.net booth. Drop on by and say Hi).

Hope to see you there!