Ubuntu Global Jam: Against adversity

imageNeither rain, nor shine, nor start of school year, nor first University of Michigan football game could deter our intrepid band of Ubuntu Michigan Loco-folk from braving their way through the crowded streets of Ann Arbor on first-game-day. While Michigan Stadium swelled to contain the football faithful, we hunkered down at SRT Solutions with the Ubuntu faithful for this release's global jam. Our attendance was a little light, mostly because of the labor-day weekend, and the big-game, but we managed to get several machines upgraded with Oneiric. John Gruber was also able to test out the newest version of Lernid, which is shaping up to be an incredible tool for folks to be able to participate in #ubuntu-classroom without requiring all of the in-depth knowledge that IRC generally requires. Gib and I brought some chips and pop along for folks to share, and we also made a quick run to Chipotle (which I have to say is pretty good for a fast-food Mexican restaurant. Definitely better than the hell that Taco Bell wreaks on my stomach). After a few bug reports, and less-than-eventful installs, we decided to head home before the rush of people were expelled from Michigan Stadium. Fortunately, this was also before a major rainstorm swept through Ann Arbor, and knocked out power for some of the folks from the Loco. Here's hoping they have power soon.

I want to thank SRT Solutions for once again graciously hosting us, and providing essentials like Wi-Fi and an awesome working environment. We managed to leave just before the horrific rain-storms that swept through the Ann Arbor area (and managed to cancel the opening-day game, although U of M emerged victorious that day. :) ). Thanks to everyone who came out and participated, whether in person or remotely. Hoping to see you all at the release party in a month!

(And here's the rest of the photosfrom the event.)