Craig's Quick Radio Quiz

Answer the following questions in the comments section. There's no time limit, but taking more than 10 minutes to answer these questions is a clear sign of insanity.

  1. When picking up a rental car in a different city, do you:
  2. 1. Tune in a local radio station 2. Find an auxiliary jack to plug in your MP3 player 3. Check for Sirius XM radio, and if it exists, choose that 4. Hope someone left a decent CD / tape in the CD / tape player and leave it to chance
  3. The power just went out in your home. Do you:
  4. 1. Tune in the local news radio station 2. Head outside to ask your neighbors if they know what's going on 3. Fire up a computer to see what might happening 4. Use a another form of radio to determine what is going on (HAM / Shortwave / Police Scanner
  5. I mostly listen to commercial radio:
  6. 1. To be informed about local or national news 2. To be informed about sporting events 3. To find interesting music 4. Because I forgot to bring a CD / music player
  7. I think commercial radio (check all that apply):
  8. 1. Is the best way to stay informed about local news and events 2. Is essential for emergency situations 3. Provides an excellent source of new and interesting music 4. Is essential for my daily routine
  9. Assume your car's radio suddenly stopped functioning for some reason (broken, or a backward-incompatible switch to a different broadcasting method). What's the most likely course of action you would take? (Please select one):
  10. 1. Replace or upgrade the radio with a new radio as soon as possible 2. Purchase a new vehicle, making sure the new vehicle's radio uses the new standard 3. Purchase a new vehicle, and if it has the newer standard radio, that's fine 4. Find alternate means to listen to programming in the car 5. No action would be taken
  11. Name your favorite radio station or radio stations in your area: