Techweb and Information Week: Keeping the Spam Alive

Here's a quick little ditty I wrote to the spammers at Information Week / Techweb to attempt once again to get off of their e-mail mailing lists:


I'm not sure what I need to do in order to never ever hear from your company ever again, but apparently unsubscribing from everything under your handy (and ineffective) Email Preferences servlet isn't the way to go about it. So, here I am asking that you please:

\1) remove my e-mail address ( from your mailing lists.
2) Stop sending me e-mail.

Barring your ability to follow these two (rather simple) requests, please instead pursue a career that will someday benefit our society. I'd suggest finding some large sledgehammers, and banging your e-mail servers into ploughs, where you can proceed with a more fruitful career in agriculture.

Heck, your white-papers might even provide adequate fertiliser.

Thank you in advance for your prompt cooperation.

(If anyone has access to some RBLs and wouldn't mind indulging a vindictive streak, please feel free to ping me off-line.)