Blame Obama

(These are somoe lyrics that I came up for a Monty-Python-esque march. If someone wants to put them to music, please feel free.)

If you think your job's a joke

Well, blame Obama

If your state won't let you toke

Well, blame Obama

If your pension's up in smoke

or your grandma had a stroke

then we'll put it to a vote

and blame Obama

If your dollar can't buy a yen

then blame Obama

If your kid is in the pen

then blame Obama

If your twenty is a ten

or your bills went up again

or your rooster is a hen

then blame Obama

If your boss just gave you flack

Well blame Obama

If your tie's without a tack

Then blame Obama

If your embarrassed in the sack

"No new albums from The Knack?"

"My boomerang won't come back"

Yep, blame Obama

Oh it's easy as you'll see

on the radio or TV

if you just do not agree

them blame Obama

It's my philosophy

A new ideology

Caesear even made it a decree

to blame Obama

Blame Obama!


"Heck, he's the reason I even wrote this song in the first place."