Spiders and centipedes: the dichotomy

Interesting to see the dichotomy between how we deal with insects in this house:

This morning, a spider was crawling up the wall. I dutifully got out our special trap for such occasions (a glass candle jar that smells like a melon blew up in it) and carefully moved it so the spider would fall in. Safely ensconced inside the melon-scented prison, I carefully flung the little critter outside where it can happily frollick amongst the lightly snow-covered grass.

Yesterday, a centipede decided to crawl into the bathroom while I was in there. After a brief "what the hell is that crawling on the floor, and is it still there?" episode, a wad of toilet paper dispatched the vile beast, where it was discarded via toilet to a watery grave.

Two not-so-different creatures, with two completely different results.