How to Jam like a Michiganian

How to Jam like a Michiganian? Michigander? Michigan-jammer? Oh, whatever.

Resident commander in chief of Ubuntu Awesome, Jorge Castro, asked me a few questions about how the Ubuntu Michigan Team runs Global Jams. Not content with the standard "by magic, fear, and shear luck" answer, I gave him some answers that other folks might find interesting / amusing. You can read the results of that interview on Jorge's blog: "How Ubuntu Michigan Runs Jams".

In all seriousness, it's the folks that come out to the jam or the release party that really make everything work. Without your participation this doesn't work. So, check with your local Ubuntu Loco to see if they're planning anything. If you're unable to make it out, or can't find a loco to participate with, there's always a way to jam online. Here's how to participate.

Hope to see you there!