In praise for the lowly Starbucks travel mug

This morning I was getting into the car with my usual beverage of choice (I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader) when suddenly I lost my grip on the travel mug which in which it was contained. It sailed through the air, and my thoughts turned immediately to "oh great, what kind of coffee-stained mess am I going to have to clean up now."

And when it came to rest, I looked around the cabin of the car.


Not a single drop that I could see escaped from the mug.

There was a little bit near the lid, but not much else had escaped. Essentially the mug acted like a coffee-capsule, and didn't release any of the sweet nectar within.

I'm not sure if they still sell this mug (it's been a while since I got it), but it definitely paid for itself with the amount of non-clothes cleaning I had to do.

Nice to have some good karma with a travel mug for a change.