Are you going to 1DevDay Detroit?

1DevDay Detroit is happening this year on November 17th, 2012. Learn more about this awesome developers' conference, and how you can save 20% off the ticket price (which you can also save by registering bat the Early Bird rate before October 1st.) Details below.

1DevDay is the longest running and largest conference dedicated to Michigan's Software Developers. Each Autumn, Programmers, App Developers, Software Developers and Software Architects from across the state meet to network, learn and share knowledge. This year, the event will be at Cobo Center in the reawakening Downtown Detroit. It is held on a Saturday to prevent interfering with attendee work schedules, and kept to one day to reduce travel expenses.

Visiting us will be LivingSocial's Senior VP of Technology, Chad Fowler who will present his Keynote, Self Engineering as well as the sometimes controversial but always enlightening, software development luminary Ted Neward, who will be presenting his Keynote, Iconoclasm.

Some of Michigan’s brightest and most popular speakers will be presenting sessions. Some new faces from the community will be here as well as some of our favorite speakers from across the US. Learn more…
Mobile technologies, JVM based technologies, C# and .net technologies, Web technologies, Big Data, even the Mainframe will be represented. If we could add more, we would. Learn more ….
I hope you will consider joining us for 1DevDay. If you are interested, just let me know and I'll get a ticket out to your right away.

We want to get every Software Developer, Software Architect and technologist in the area to attend this year.

Head to to learn more about the conference. When you're ready to register, use the promo code DECAFBAD to save an additional 20% off the ticket price.

Hope to see you there!