How to make an exclusive restaraunt

Picture a small restaurant in an expensive part of town. Out front on the door, a linen piece of paper with exquisite calligraphy reads "Reservations required. Please call ahead". On the inside are two tables with four chairs each, with the finest tablecloths available. The staff is impeccably dressed, and the floor is well carpeted without the hint of crumb or vacuum lines. The decorations are spartan, but elegant. There is a dress code that is strictly enforced: black tie dress required. No exceptions. Once everyone is seated for the evening, individual menus are handed out. Entrées include "Lune au-dessus mon jambon", "Grand Chelem", "Côte de bœuf et de poulet grésillant poêleand" and "Deux oeufs brouillés avec pommes de terre rissolées et jambon frit". The entrees are delicious, and plated exquisitely.

The name of this exquisite place? Le Faux Denny.