The productivity basement (or how to come completely unhinged from yourself).

I swear it doesn't take much to get me into a death-spiral. Spent too long descaling the coffee pot and doing dishes, and didn't get some other things that I wanted to get done completed. Ended the evening completely pissed off at myself and wondering what the point of it all was.

One thing that's certain though is I become a real bear whenever I get this way. I get irritated easily, and wonder if any of this is even worth it anymore. Thing is I don't have a bad life (and I have a wonderful wife who deserves so much better than me) but it just feels like I'm not making any progress, or that what little progress comes along is just scratching the surface of something bigger, but not enough to really reap the rewards.

Some days I wonder if I'm too hard on myself. Other times I wonder if I'm not hard enough on myself.