Social Media Diet: Day 3

[caption id="attachment_3319" align="alignright" width="150"]Screenshot from 2013-09-03
17:03:12 Work Browsing[/caption]

Today was the first day back to work while on the Social Media diet. Overall I did pretty well, with most of my time on work-related sites (especially openpyxl related, as I'm working on a report).

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Browsing Home Browsing[/caption]

Unfortunately I didn't manage to catch the home list in time, so I'll be showing the averages again. Not much to show in that regard. I did do some participation on Twitter using TwitVim, but nothing major. Also did some promotion for our loco's upcoming events. Seems the diet is progressing well.

Overall I'm finding myself looking for other things to do besides browse aimlessly online.