Social Media Diet: Day #9

Apparently I can't count. Just realized the last entry was entitled day 9. Ah well.

Accidentally uninstalled Web Timer from the work machine as it was counting sites that I would rather not have counted (not THOSE sites, silly, I mean work-related sites). Unfortunately Chrome being Chrome it uninstalled from all of my browsers, so my totals are gone.

The temptation to call it a day is pretty large, but I think I'm going to keep on doing this. I think it's important to see it through, and keep up the diet portion even though I don't have the proverbial scale to measure. At least I'll know the difference.

Today saw some better productivity, and more forethought in my browsing (enough to have me reconsider the timer). And I spent time doing the dumb things that I never take much time to do, like balancing our checkbook and such.

Progress continues. More later.