Every chip has a story

Every chip bag has a story. Whether it's to tell you about how the founders sold chips out of their 1967 Dodge Dart, or how they've sourced only the finest ingredients for their chips, you'll sit there with a feel-good attitude about whatever snack you're putting inside your chip-hole. At Craig's Chip Company we have a story too. It's about how we dumpster-dive through other companies trash to source our ingredients. That's why our chips have that unique slightly-off taste in every chip. And our commitment to quality control extends as far as making sure there's a bag with something chip-like in there that's approximately whatever ounces are printed on the front. Our employees don't wash their hands. The FDA would shut us down if our entire operation wasn't a tent-city employing hobos and vagabonds who can barely stand up,let alone make coherent sentences about our working conditions. But when you wrap your gums around our patented chip-making process, and your money is whisked away into one of three Swiss Bank Accounts you'll know that it was all worth it. Because every chip bag has a story.