The year of better choices: backlog reduction

The last chapter of David Allen's "Ready for Anything" is about making each year the "year of better choices". I think that's an admirable goal as it's not only measurable but also one that isn't adversarial like some goals are (IE: I'll lose 100 pounds by the end of January or I'll feel like crap). It's also proactive because all you need to do is "make better choices". I think few folks could argue about that being a goal in their lives.

One of the "better choices" I'm proposing for myself is to "Reduce my backlog". I have a bunch of unread, un-played, and un-watched material in my house that has been in a state of storage-limbo for way too long and I've been slowly chipping away at it for a while. The "better choice" for me in this case is to stop picking up new (and used ) things and instead concentrate on reading / playing / watching what I already have. So for the month of January (which is usually a lean month for us anyway) is to divert the money that I would be spending on things and instead point that attention inward at the things that I already have that need attention.

It's going to be a challenge, and it'll definitely be fraught with temptation, but it's a better choice than constantly picking up things I don't use.

Plus it'll get me off of the treadmill of feeling bad about the stuff I already have and instead get me thinking about how best to use it.

More better choices coming soon. Stay tuned. :)