Completely Amazingly Superb and Above the Call of Duty Customer Service

I've wanted to post this for a while. You'll remember I recently posted about a dreadful customer service experience with Barnes and Noble and an amazing customer service from O'Reilly Media. I was tempted to include this experience in that previous post but thought better of it for various reasons.

One of those reasons was because it would have either overshadowed O'Reilly Media (who are still awesome) or would have been buried in the post. And that would have been criminal.

Because Tasty Minstrel Games has Completely Amazingly Superb and Above the Call of Duty Customer Service that has garnered me as a fan for life.

I came to know of a game called Terra Prime via Board Game Geek which was one of the early games published by Tasty Minstrel Games. I've been a fan of their newer games like Eminent Domain, Dungeon Heroes, Martian Dice, Belfort and Il Vecchio which have amazing components. I think the reason these games have such amazing components was because of their experience putting together Terra Prime. Unfortunately the game had some trouble with the components and as a result some of the pieces are punched a bit off so the game as it stands has some pieces that are obviously different from other pieces. It'd be like having a poker deck where the backs of the face cards are visibly off a little bit.

I traded someone on Board Game Geek for a copy of Terra Prime on the hopes that his version wasn't one of the ones that had the printing error. I've read through the rules and seen some of the playthroughs online and thought the game looked interesting.

Fortunately the copy I have is completely unpunched. That'll become more important later on but was completely unexpected.

Unfortunately the copy was one of the ones that had a printing error. Bummer!

The game has been out of print for a while but I thought there might be an off-chance that Tasty Minstrel Games might have some left-over corrected copies of the pieces. On a lark I sent the following message:


I recently traded for a copy of Terra Prime, and received an unpunched version (which is awesome). Unfortunately it appears I got one of the versions that had a printing error on the following sheets. I was wondering if it would be possible to receive a replacement for the attached counter sheets.

Also I was wondering if your company would be opposed to having someone make a Vassal module of Terra Prime. I think this game would be a perfect candidate for such a conversion as there were some initial printing hiccups and it's not a particularly well known game that might benefit from more exposure.

Please let me know when you have a chance. Thanks!

I sent them the following image in the hopes that they might have some extra copies. Hey, it's worth a shot and worst case they'll say "no, sorry." and I'll still have a collector's item. Win win, right? [caption id="attachment_3481" align="alignright" width="300"]Terra Prime
Sheets Terra Prime Sheets that I wanted to have replaced.[/caption]

A few days pass, and much to my surprise I get a note back from Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games writes back apologizing that they no longer have any replacement sheets for Terra Prime and apologizing for my trade for a game that wasn't complete.

In return he offered to send me my choice of that size of game as replacement.

So I made a trade that I knew may or may not pan out for me (which I told them) and now the company is offering to send me a replacement game for my trouble?

Folks, I don't know what they call that sort of customer service where you are but for me that is completely above-board, fan-for-life service. That is "how would you like the blank checks addressed or should I just write 'CASH' to make it easier?" levels of service.

And on top of it he gave me permission to create a VASSAL version of Terra Prime.

So to recap:

\1) Tasty Minstrel Games is awesome and deserve your hard earned money
2) Michael Mindes is a customer support hero, taking care of customers who knowingly do silly things by making them feel smart.
3) I need to learn how to make a VASSAL module.

[caption id="attachment_3483" align="alignright" width="225"]Rialto
Game Rialto game, shrinkwrapped and ready to go to the table.[/caption]

And to top it off I have a shrinkwrapped copy of Rialto that JoDee and I will enjoy.

Thank you Tasty Minstrel Games for being Completely Amazingly Superb and Above the Call of Duty!