Here's one place we need to have "free speech"

With the recent crackdown on "free speech" (or as the rest of the world calls it "being an asshole in public") there will likely be persecution of all of the assholes in America. This will lead to secret meetings where assholes can practice their asshole ways freely. And because they might be recognized they'll hide their identities behind robes and masks.

Yep, they'll make the Asshole Secret Society (or ASS) where anyone can speak their mind freely without repercussions.

Of course since these secret meetings might be monitored they'll need to be held up in the air on chartered planes or in treehouses. That just makes sense.

Feel your free speech is being infringed when someone calls you on it? There's one place you can go to speak your mind. That's right, stick it to those who might "oppress you" and show them how you stick it up your ASS.