Smarter then than I am now

We just moved so I've had a heck of a time trying to find things like charging cables and what-not. Most of the devices in the house use some form of USB charging so that hasn't been an issue. I have a Pebble watch that uses a special charging cable though, so I took extra special care to pack it separately.

Move happens.

Later on my watch starts complaining about the battery being at 20% so I looked for the charging cable. Unfortunately it's nowhere to be found. I tore through the cable drawer and all of the "clever" spots that I thought it might be, but nothing turned up.

Finally I broke down and ordered another one. Worst case I'll have two charging cables, right?

While prepping for the Michigan!/usr/group meeting tonight I went through my backpack to get my laptop in order. And then it hit me where the Pebble charger was.

Lo and behold, the charger was in the backpack the entire time.

Apparently I need to write myself a note when I'm being extra clever and smart so dumber me will remember these moments of brilliance.