30 Day JavaScript Learning Challenge: Fin

One of the comments I got during this challenge was along the lines of "I'm surprised you kept up with it this long"

Well, quell the surprise: I'm giving up JavaScript once again. For now.

The biggest reason for wrapping it up is I'm not ready to take JavaScript at face value and accept it as it is. Every time I look at it I get more and more upset at what it isn't. It isn't Python and it isn't C. Hell, it isn't even close to Java. What JavaScript became is an oral tradition of things you should and should not do, most of which seem ridiculous to me. And while it's likely a very good language I'm spending most of my time bitching about its quirks than actually learning the language. And that's not a healthy place to start when learning something new.

When I started this challenge I was half tempted to learn Z80 machine code. Instead I chose what I thought I should learn, not what I wanted to learn. And there's only so much motivation you can apply to things you couldn't care less about.

So I'm finished trying to learn Javascript. I may pick it up again at some point but for now it remains a hole in my web development portfolio. But I'm not done with the learning challenges. I found I actually enjoyed them as a little burst of trying something new. I'll start Z80 machine code on the ZX Spectrum next month. For now it's time to regroup and reflect on my learning challenge.

More to come.