Learning Challenge: ZX Spectrum machine code: Days 6-7

Days 6-7 saw me playing around more with ZX Spectrum Machine Code monitors. Am finding myself getting a little more comfortable with Hisoft's Devpac. I tried playing a bit with Laser Genius and managed to get it to bulk-edit memory (though finding a spot to drop the program in was a little fun.)

Overall I'm not sure which disassembler I like better. Laser Genius is pretty handy for having full-commands (so you don't have to guess at mnemonics that may or may not be correct). But the Hisoft Disassembler seems just a hair more intuitive.

Screenshot of Laser Genius and HiSoft Devpac MONS

It's nice to be spoiled for choice in 2015. ;)

Chapter 4 discusses PEEK and POKE which is pretty much what I'm doing with these monitor programs.