Learning Challenge: ZX Spectrum machine code: Days 28-Fin

Days 28-Fin (the end of the month) had me looking more into the ZX Spectrum's memory mapped screen memory. I don't think I completely understand it yet but what I do understand is it tries to make it really simple for folks to map out what is on the screen. I am looking into some other books for some different perspective on what is going on (the excellent "The ZX Spectrum ULA: How to design a microcomputer", along with a few others that I will post about later on). I'm fascinated with the amount of clever thinking that went into designing the ZX Spectrum and I want to understand the screen memory mapping so I don't miss anything.

And thus ends 30 days of officially playing with the ZX Spectrum. I'm still going to play with it and see if I can crack the little nut that is the ZX Spectrum, but for now I'm taking a little break from it (not sure how long but long enough to see if it's still something I want to focus on for the next month). Will post what my next learning challenge is and we'll go from there.