Learning Challenge: Reconfiguration and recalibration

After some careful consideration I've decided to postpone the Pygame Book for this month. I've been consumed for the past few months on trying to get a game that's been percolating in my mind out into the world where it can either be published or prove unworkable.

The idea is taking the Fate Role Playing System and using it to tell the story of the personal computer revolution. Much like the industrial revolution there were a lot of very capable and larger-than-life folks who brought forth a revolution in how we work and think. And I think that story has potential as a role-playing game scenario.

Plus it's an area that I'm intimately familiar with (I can't get enough of classic computers) and want to share my enthusiasm in a way that can give folks a sense of how amazing the innovations from this period were.

So for this month I'll be documenting my thoughts and progress in role-playing game design (something I've never done before outside of the piddly dungeon maps I drew when I was 10-11) and push myself into creating a game that can be enjoyed and published. Ideally I'll have something to post up on Github so you can track my progress.

I promise this will be an interesting view into amateur game design, and hope this will show the creation of something interesting for everyone to enjoy.