Learning Challenge - 6502 Assembly: Day 5

Got a little distracted in this round as I wanted to try to do the next chapter on the Atari. Unfortunately there is a slight problem with the Atari and how it handles displaying characters on the screen.

Most books tend to cheat when they come to displaying characters on the screen. Some of them will use built-in routines, while others will have you pull the results into a BASIC program. Atari fans may remember that BASIC on the Atari is a separate cartridge, and you can't have BASIC and the Assembly Editor in the Atari machine at the same time. So my options are:

  • Writing a separate routine to display text on the Atari (Like here).
  • Punt and just fire up the Apple machine.

(And here's the punt)

so I did the first example from Chapter 5 on the Apple. I might try finding a more generic routine for displaying things on the screen but for now this will suffice.

(Memory location $9CF0 plus an offset might be one way to tackle this should I decide to play with it some more).