How to declutter - a simple primer on how to remove crap from your life

This afternoon I was putting away a physical copy of Civilization V when I spied (with my little eye) some competing video games from a publisher that I shall not name.

Said publisher is local to me, and I've long wanted to support them, but unfortunately the only way I can run their products is via WINE / Crossover Linux. And unfortunately the experience is sub-optimal (in the sense that the game will up and crash after about 10 or so minutes of game-play). Which takes away from the enjoyment as these games take hours / days to play and random crashes can ruin the fun.

I also seemed to recall that their CEO was rather outspoken about gaming-movements-that-shall-not-be-named . So I went to the internet and managed to find his Twitter feed.

After a post equating SJWs with lazy bums who won't do their part to succeed I decided that some decluttering was in order.

Fortunately their packaging was such that my Staples Mailmate shredder was more than sufficient to render the contents into a more pleasing and usable format.

Sure this is a bit late (they already have money for two purchases) but at least I can make more room for things that I actually care about, and for people that I care about enough to listen.