Day 2/100: Scheming Guile

Today was a bit off as yesterday we had a car accident (we're fine, car is fine, just a fender bender) and took Pixel to the vet (she's fine). That bled into today with all of the joys of insurance wrangling and other business.

But during the downtime I played a bit with Scheme and Guile. I've taken a new fascination with Guile and Scheme because (I'm paraphrasing) JavaScript was initially supposed to be Scheme in the browser. So it makes a little sense to play with Scheme at the same time that I'm playing with JavaScript.

I've found the Guile Manual contains a very readable tutorial for Scheme. So I've been working through that.

Not much code to show (lots of playing in the REPL though). Hopefully I'll have more to show tomorrow.