Day 21/100: Slow progress

More progress on the Shut the Box program in Racket.

Still need to figure out how to get everything together, but at least it's starting to make some sense.

#lang racket

#| Init Block |#

(define tiles '())
(define die1 0)
(define die2 0)
(define turn-number 1)

(define (start-game)
(set! tiles '(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)))

(define (dice)
(+ 1 (random 6)))

(define (dice-roll)
(set! die1 (dice))
(set! die2 (dice)))

(define (sum-of-dice)
(+ die1 die2))

(define (sum-of-tiles tilelist)
(apply + tilelist))

(define (check-roll dice-sum tile-sum)
(= dice-sum tile-sum))

(define (shut-tiles tilelist)
(for ([i tilelist])
    (if (index-of tiles i)
        (set! tiles (remove i tiles))
        (print "Tile already shut"))))

(define (player-turn tilelist)
(if (check-roll (sum-of-dice) (sum-of-tiles tilelist))
    (shut-tiles tilelist)
    (print "Roll does not equal shut tiles. Try again.")))


(define (next-turn)
(set! turn-number (+ 1 turn-number))

(define (show-turn)
(printf "Turn: ")
(println turn-number)
(println tiles)
(printf "Dice roll ~v ~v = ~v" die1 die2 (sum-of-dice) ))