100 day challenge: Final results

In the spirit of the 100 day challenge I wrote a quick program to parse the tags of the 100day challenge and note which tags were most often used.

#!/usr/bin/env python

from collections import Counter

def main():

    tag_counter = Counter()

    with open('100day_tags', 'rt') as infile:
        for line in infile.readlines():
            line = line.strip().lower()
            (filename, spacer, tag_string) = line.split(':')
            tags = [x.strip() for x in tag_string.split(',')]

            for tag in tags:
                tag_counter[tag] += 1

    del tag_counter['a day in the life']
    del tag_counter['100day']
    for i in tag_counter.most_common():
        print("{tag}: {counter}".format(

if __name__ == '__main__':

The tags are from a simple grep 100day *.md > ~/100day_tags command in my Pelican directory.

programming: 39
scheme: 29
racket: 16
javascript: 10
python: 5
godot: 3
guile: 3
pyohio: 2
css: 2
c: 1
html: 1
html5: 1

It looks like Scheme / Racket were the ones that got the most attention. After that is JavaScript, then some Python and a few mentions of Godot.

Not sure if this means anything in particular but it's interesting to me.