Have a blog? Use it

I just noticed some behavior on Twitter that I find rather revolting.

An author decided to post an entire blog-post's worth of material (as replies) to their Twitter stream.

Which under normal circumstances I can appreciate and relate. I've had ideas that were started on Twitter and because a series of @replies to myself. But that was because I was in the heat of the moment and was formulating these replies "in-the-moment". There was a pause in between each @reply.

Not this author. They literally had it set up where the entire posting was scheduled in such a way where my entire timeline was nothing but their post. Worse, it was still coming.


Why would you do this to your ostensible readers?

I'm assuming you, dear author, have a blog or some place where you can post these ideas. And if you, dear author, have such a platform then why the fuck didn't you use it and then use Twitter / other social medium to direct readers to that instead of using Twitter as your diuretic for pushing it out one tweetstorm at a time?

Seriously, Twitter is a shitty blog. Stop using it as such.

(Insert separate rant about not using RSS for your blog either).