Social Media Dieting

I'm finding myself in more of a spiral about social media these days. I'm finding that I'm getting more and more wrapped around the spokes of social media and I need to cut back a bit so I can focus more on the things that are important.

I'm going to list the networks that I'm currently on and what I'm hoping to do in order to unwind myself:

  • Twitter: I feel like Twitter really doesn't care what sort of shit-show they have over there as long as it makes money. I'm also seeing that Twitter is making me go to the site for notifications that used to be emailed. (Yes, you can get a digest of this). So I'm looking to limit the number of times I'm on Twitter to perhaps once or twice a day (instead of spending more time than I care to on Twitter).
  • Mastodon: Most of my engagement is on Mastodon, but I'm also finding that I'm spending a lot of time in there. So I'm going to work on cutting back a bit. I'm looking into using RSS more for folks that I don't want to miss posts (until Mastodon gets lists implemented). Mastodon feels a lot more organic for me and I really enjoy using it, but I need to spend my time doing other things.
  • I don't think I engage at all on Maybe once a month at best?
  • Google Plus: Sigh. I think I'm one of the last holdouts on Google Plus in my circle of friends (save for a few folks). I still engage there but not nearly as much as I used to. Checking in once or twice a day is not a problem like it used to be.
  • IRC: IRC is still my social network for real-time conversations. But I should also allow myself more downtime between check-ins.

So now that we know what I've been doing let's see how I'll try to proceed:

  • Twitter: Check once or twice a day. Use email for notifications. Follow people, not things. Use text-based clients and lists in order to see what folks are up to. Reply to posts only and use scripts like feed2tweet to post new content.
  • Mastodon: Check in less times per day. Use text-based clients like tootstream to check in. Use feed2toot to post new content. Use RSS in lieu of lists for following some folks that I want to know what they're posting at all times.
  • Keep using spigot for posting new content.
  • Google Plus: Check in once or twice a day. Keep doing what I'm doing now.
  • IRC: Disconnect more times throughout the day.

I think this is reasonable. What do you think?