Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (April / May)

Checking in for April and May for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

I didn't do one in April because things got away from me in the interim. But that's OK. Being kind to myself for not meeting certain expectations is part of the practice.

  • Writing more / designing more: Ho boy. This one really didn't get much attention, but that was in part because I was working on Penguicon presentations and getting things squared away there. I've been really bad about creating a regular writing habit, but I'm hoping to do more of that with some new morning routines.

  • Programming more: I did a whole presentation on the TIC-80 fantasy console which taught me some of how Lua worked. I've also done some programming on tootstream, and I've been getting interested in the Mycroft AI project. But I've also neglected some of the training things that I've signed up for and need to build some of that discipline back into my day.

  • Engage more with people, not things: Same as last check-in. I'm still primarily interacting with folks online, and a small circle of friends when I'm not online.

  • Blogging more: As you can see from the title this hasn't had much focus.

  • Getting out of debt: Slow progress on this front, but there's still some progress.

  • Supporting creators in sustainable ways: Outside of Patreon and Liberapay I haven't figured much to help this front.

  • Physical health: The summer is fast approaching and I'm now out doing yard work, but I'd hardly call that progress.

  • Kindness: Starting to feel some of my sarcastic tendencies at the fore, especially with myself.

  • Mindfulness: I'm meditating and taking time to pause and see myself doing what I'm doing. This has been the area where I'm seeing silent progress as it's something that I'm reminded of each day.

More next month.