Writing every morning

I've been working on the habit of writing every morning after I get up / get cleaned up. I've found that making sure I write for 10 minutes each morning has been very good for me. It's given me a sense of confidence that I can keep writing, no matter what. It's also helped me with one of my largest problems; namely "resistance" where I don't feel like writing. All I have to do is just agree to do 10 minutes of writing and then I'm OK to do whatever else I wish. I've also taken to writing in vim on a machine that boots directly into the console (a Raspberry Pi Zero with wireless). I ssh into my main machine and then bring up vim to write. So far I'm on the 6th chapter of my book and still going strong with my shitty-first-draft. I'm looking forward to releasing this book as it's a bit of a motivational memoir of programming. And with the constant flow of writing a bit each day I can keep up at least some pace to finish it. Hoping to apply this to other projects as well.