Learning Challenge for September: JavaScript

My white-whale of programming languages is JavaScript. It's the one that I've put the most effort into learning and the one that has consistently frustrated every attempt of mine to learn it. But I think the main reason I've had trouble learning it is because I've been looking at it from the wrong angle. Every time I learn JavaScript I think of all of the work-related things that I can do with it. I see it as a requirement to being hired, and feel inadequate for not having picked it up sooner.

I've never come at it from the angle that it can be fun. It always feels like some other bullshit that I have to learn in order to be marketable. So whenever I fail in learning it I feel like I'm somehow making myself less attractive to future employers.

So for this challenge I'm going to have fun with JavaScript. I'm going to see how strange it can be, and explore making games with JavaScript. I'm going to go full-on mad scientist with this. Whatever shows up is what I'm going to be OK with. I'm tired of bashing my head against what other people want.

We'll see where this leads.