Learning Challenge for September: JavaScript - Day Ugh to Done


I've hit a wall with this challenge. Part of it is my expectations that I would be further along. I thought that I would be further in the book where the challenges start to get more interesting. Unfortunately I'm still near the beginning pieces of the book so I'm part way between being challenged and between bored. The other part is I've been down this road before and have a lot of baggage that I'm bringing with me. I'm remembering the past failures and how I keep struggling to learn this language. It's evaded me more than any other language, and that's partly because it also encompasses a lot of the front-end development that I haven't had a lot of experience in. So learning JavaScript is only one small piece of a whole larger ecosystem that can be very frustrating to crack (at least it has been for me).

So what now? Do I just give up?

I'm giving up just learning JavaScript this month. If I keep on this path I'm going to become even more frustrated with this. But I'm still going to schedule myself 30 minutes a day where I move a project forward. I'm still going to work through Eloquent JavaScript but I'm going to do it with the idea that I'm going to learn enough where I can start a project. I learn best when I have a project. I learned Python when I did several PyWeek projects. I learned Perl when I had projects at work. I learn best when I have a project to hang this on. Unfortunately I don't know enough JavaScript to get to the point where I can start up a project so that's what I'm going to spend the rest of the month working toward: figuring out a project to work on in October.

We'll see where this leads. Right now I need to focus my habits on making time to learn.