Learning Godot while doing a digital declutter

I've been working on learning Godot for the past few weeks in preparation for a presentation for Penguicon. (Pro-tip: if you want to learn something in a hurry the best way I've found is to commit to a presentation about the topic.) What's been rather interesting bout Godot is that on the surface it seems rather simple in what it can do but can get rather complex as you dig deeper into how it works. I've also realized that GDScript (the language that Godot uses as a scripting language) is really a thin layer over the internal workings of the C++ engine for Godot. That sparked an interest in learning a bit about C++ and getting more familiar with how Godot is working under the covers. C++ is not my favorite language by a long shot (I've resisted learning more about it in part because I find C++ a rather ugly language) but it might be high time to sit down and give it some more attention. I'll be digging deeper into Godot and I hope to share more of what I learn in on this blog.

What's helped though is the digital declutter that I've been working on (see previous post). By reducing my digital distractions I've chosen to make learning more of a priority. That's not to say that it's been perfect, or that I've become a learning powerhouse (I haven't by any stretch) but it's given me more options outside of scrolling through the lives of others and living vicariously through their successes and failures. And that's what I've wanted the most out of this: the ability to focus my attentions more on my work and my learning.