Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (April 2019)

Checking in for April for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

  • Administrative focus: Didn't make too much progress here, although there was an impromptu installation of Ubuntu 18.04 on one of my scratch machines to get more familiar with it (and to upgrade from my sadly no longer updated Ubuntu 14.04 install). I'm going to have to do this upgrade on more of my machines and I'm not quite looking forward to it. Ah well. :)

  • Writing more: All of my writing has been related to Penguicon this month. I've been working on slides for Penguicon which have been taking up a lot of time. I'm hoping once I don't have the pressure of Penguicon that I will take on more writing tasks. Maybe I'll start working on the RPG that I've been promising for a while now.

  • Design more: Didn't do any designing this past month.

  • Programming more: Godot has been my focus for the Penguicon presentation. I've made some progress with this that I hope will show some competence with this engine. I'm really digging it. For work I've done some programming with Pandas that was pretty neat. Again, looking forward to exploring more.

  • Getting out of debt: Still a slow go.

  • Physical Health: This month I was diagnosed with shingles. I'm not 100% convinced this is what I have, but it's lead me to think more about my health and how I am approaching my work and my life. The threat of bad things happening when I'm stressed means I need to find ways to manage my stress better.

  • Mindfulness: Still practicing with this. This month had moments where I was being mindful and moments where I felt completely scatterbrained. I think that is in no small part because I did the digital declutter in the same month and I didn't have my usual comforts to run to. Of course, running to comfort is not exactly being mindful, now is it?

  • Deeper work: Did the digital declutter this past month (at least a first-pass at it). I talked about the results of that previously. I moved into deeper work with learning Godot and focusing on my presentations, so that was handy. But I also feel like I started neglecting other things. Will have to work on this so I can really focus in on the work without feeling like I'm somehow leaving something else undone.