Think Like a Game Designer challenge: Day 6

Today didn't lend itself to more design, but that's completely on me.

Here's 11 more ideas (one more to make up for the lack of a good update):

  1. A game about the life of a 7-11 hot dog and life beyond those little rolling bars
  2. A game about rediscovering things that you kind of liked but now really seem to enjoy (see: Fudge Roleplaying Game)
  3. A game about explaining your passions to your grandparents who just don't quite get it
  4. A game about writing down the first thing that occurs to you as it occurs to you
  5. A game about the public domain
  6. A game about rubber ducks falling in love before the bath water drains
  7. A game about fighting an imaginary dragon
  8. A game about preventing classical composers from getting syphilis.
  9. A game that uses sand timers as a mechanic (TAMSK comes to mind but I think there has to be more to explore here)
  10. A game about retrieving the money from the banana stand (there's always money in the banana stand)
  11. A game about trying to live as a working musician in the 21st century called "13 cent royalty check from Spotify" (based on a true story).