Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (April 2020)

Checking in for April for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

  • Dropping expectations: Had some success with this, but didn't really practice this as much.

  • Physical Health: Not much focus here. We have taken some walks but for the most part I haven't done as much exercise as I should.

  • Writing more: I've been writing every morning for most mornings, but the week up until Penguicon I felt pressure in my schedule so I didn't get to writing. I've been having a little trouble finding a routine for some reason, but I'm starting to find it.

  • Programming more: Making my presentations for MUG and Penguicon pretty much took over my programming time this month. Hoping to find the time this next month.

  • Mindfulness: Finding periods of mindfulness throughout the day, but not doing as much meditation this month.

  • Decluttering: Been decluttering some books off of my drives. Going to make more of a concerted decluttering effort in the coming month.

  • Deeper work: I had a really good period of deep work on the day of Penguicon finishing up my slides. It was amazing, and I'm looking forward to having more of them.

  • Getting out of debt: Making some progress here.

I did start reading "Start Finishing" and started making some of my goals "SMART" goals. Taking some of the goals out of my lists that weren't specific and turned them into more specific goals. Also put a due date on them. Hoping to make these areas of focus into goals and work more on them.