Twenty Years

Took a look at the older posts on this blog. I was just curious where my head-space was back then. Here's what I found in the formative years of the blog:

  • I'd converted over to a hand-written MySQL posting engine, which is how those posts were preserved (I'd written posts before, but those were actual hand-crafted HTML that is now lost to either time or the Internet Archive. It was written in my language of the day, which was PERL (not Perl as it was later re-christened).
  • I was really into linking to CDNOW.
  • I should blog more.
  • I linked to several protests about things like UCITA, DRM, and Dmitry Sklyarov.
  • In 2001 JoDee and I saw a lot of movies. Some of them I remember, but some of them I'd completely forgotten (anyone remember Evolution? Other than the three-eyed smiling face I don't remember anything else.
  • I was really focused on passing a kidney stone in 2001.
  • JoDee and I got engaged. Apparently she said yes.
  • JoDee and I saw Yo Yo Ma and Midori at the Macomb Center for the performing arts. We're still talking about that season.
  • Douglas Adams died at the age of 49, which is sobering because I'm nearing that age way too soon.
  • Metallica was upsetting me with their Napster suit, and also their musical direction.
  • We saw "Weird Al" Yankovic and he had an amazing show.
  • I was still reading Usenet
  • I was super into Iron Chef (the original Fuji TV version on The Food Network).
  • I was worried about reloading my machine (I still am).
  • JoDee and I went to Cleveland
  • I was making CD reviews on my pages. Here's an archive of one of those CD reviews. (Unrelated: I picked up more ELP and younger me was way off base).

So there you go; a peek into the past.

I should blog more.