Making Space

Not sure where this post will go. I have a lot of thoughts rattling in my head, and needed somewhere to let them out.

Today the topic of letting go of things came up. One observation I made was that we're always worried about letting go of things (a negative event) and not about making space for new things (a positive event). I know with myself I end to have these expansion and contraction periods. I most notice it when I look at the books on my eReader. At the moment I have about three pages of books in my eReader. There' 8 books per page, so that's just under 24 books that are ready for me to read. That's not including audio books and paper books. That also discounts the books that I have stored elsewhere. So when I power up my eReader I have to decide on what to read. I know this is too much because more often than not I've spent my reading time flitting from book to book. Then I get fed up with this and start deleting books from the eReader. This is not smart usage of my reading time. But then when I get the urge to read something else I start loading books back on there, and the cycle continues.

What I've found whenever I've made space for new things is that new things show up. When I got rid of Windows from my computer in the 1990s I made space for learning Linux. When I decided not to learn Java any longer I made space for learning Python. All of these decisions close opportunities (lack of Java and Windows have cost me consulting gigs) but rather than dwell on what I let go I instead focus on what entered to fill that space.

Instead of focusing on what's been let go I intend to focus on making space for new things.