Read and review folders

Hi, I'm Craig, and I have too much stuff in my read and review folders.

One of the things that Getting Things Done recommends as part of your system is a "Read and Review" folder / space for anything that should be read or reviewed later on. The idea is that anything that needs to be read later gets put into this space (folder or pile). Whenever the pile falls over you throw everything in the pile away.

This is great for physical stuff that gets put into a pile, but unfortunately most of my material is digital, and I have struggled over the years for how to deal with an electronic read and review pile.

I use email for my RSS feed reading, so I've created a read_review folder in my email account. This is also where I put things like newsletters, sales, Bandcamp links, and other such items. Unfortunately I'm terrible about cleaning this space out. I think there's over 3,000+ items in there that need to either be deleted or tossed. The other issue is that some of that stuff should be saved for later reference, but I'm not sure what is what. So it just sits there as this amorphous blob of bits.

Perhaps the right answer is to just archive the whole thing and let search figure it out later on. If it's important I"ll find it and if it isn't important, well, I can purge it later on.

Perhaps I'm making this into more of an issue than it should be. I'm most certainly overthinking it.

Does anyone have a good rubric for how to handle digital read and review folders?