Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (April 2021)

Checking in for April for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

  • Work on my game projects at least three times a week: April was overtaken by Penguicon so much of that work went spiraling out the window. I did make some progress, but near the end of the month I was too tired and too spent to think about this.

  • Meditation and mindfulness: My meditation too suffered from this. Most mornings I was tired and just sat for a few seconds before heading into work. I tried to stick with my work and focus on that, but my recollection of the month is a blur.

  • Work with less distractions and more focus on deeper work (Relentlessly prune bullshit): That I'm not sure how to answer this is pretty indicative of how I was working. I think I didn't distract myself as much, but the whole month didn't feel deep.

  • Walk or ride the recumbent bike at least four times a week: The cold weather put the reins on the walking so we didn't get to that as much.

  • Get further out of debt: Made some more progress, but I really went overboard in preparing for my solo RPG game panel at Penguicon.

  • Play more games: I read more games, but didn't play many of them. Ouch.

  • Spend at least one night a week working on programming projects: I can confidently say that this didn't happen.

  • Declutter and make our place more alive: Some progress, but mild at best.

April was just a busy month overall, and throughout it I struggled mightily to keep up. I think I did OK but it also showed me where I need to put my focus and how to play with possibility more. I really shut down a lot of my projects while being busy (which was OK) but Penguicon is a week gone and I'm still feeling like I'm just getting the energy to tackle things again. I think bringing more mindfulness to the day and not trying to do everything all at once is going to help out.