Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (April 2022)

Checking in for April for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

  • Focus on health (exercise, eating, stress): I've been more focused on the eating part this month since my stomach is pretty ticklish during chemo. I've not been walking quite as much but have been playing drums occasionally and using my standing desk whenever I remember. Need to apply more focus to this in May when I have more opportunities for walking and getting out more.

  • Complete my game design projects to allow others to enjoy them: No progress on this front. I've been deep in programming projects.

  • Do more non-work programming and chase my "white whales": Did more work on this but tapered off near the end of the month. I'm enjoying the book Bare Metal C a ton, and have also been enjoying the 68000 68010 68020 Primer by Stan Kelly-Bootle. It's a joy to read a technical books by folks who are engaging writers. Plus there's a certain clarity in these books that I wish others would emulate if not adopt in their writing. Also looking at TIC-80 for programming though that hasn't gotten much attention this month.

  • Be more mindful and focused in my day-to-day activities: Haven't given this much focus, but I think that's in part because I've internalized this. Will need to give this more attention next month.

  • Add more joy into my life, either with games, reading, or other relaxing activities: Mission accomplished. I've been playing a shit-ton of video games lately. Most of them are emulated but I've also been exploring my back-catalog of Linux games. Going to continue down this path. Also have found myself reading more, which is nice.

  • Allow myself to do more with less (distractions, acquisition, commitments, etc.): Haven't been great on this front. I'm finding myself on social media a lot (especially with the influx of new and interesting users on Mastodon) and finding myself falling into old habits of buying books, buying CDs, and the like. I have kept my commitments down to a bare minimum, though that has been more from necessity rather than any kind of intention.

  • Notice when I'm overwhelmed and let go as much as I can: I've been noticing this a lot. Part of this is looking for comfort (games, distractions, etc.) but I haven't really stopped to think if I'm overwhelmed or not. Need to give this more focus in May.

  • Declutter: I've been a little stagnant here. I do have places lined up for a few things, but I haven't been able to get them where they need to go. I think this spring / summer is going to see a resurgence here.

  • Continue removing debt: Doing pretty well here, all things considered. I'm starting to see some balances take a nosedive. I'm still dreading a major medical bill wiping out our cushion but so far (knock on Art Van Furniture-quality wood) we've been OK. Working on ensuring the trend continues.

Overall not a bad month though I did find myself in several moments of self-doubt over my cancer treatments. But I'm optimistic that things will get better and that I'll have some great stories to tell about the experience.

Ever onward.