Decision time

I've finished round 7 of my chemo treatments. This is a pretty huge milestone as I'm over the half-way mark for my originally scheduled 12 treatment cycle. Next week I'll be having a PET scan to determine where things are and what the next actions will be. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous for the results. The chemo has been showing promising results but the PET scan will determine how they'll proceed. From conversations with the doctors prior to my treatments they were talking about such drastic measures as taking part of my liver out and various ostomies. It's frightening to realize that my body isn't going to be the same through all of this (though it's been shoring some minor changes with the chemo). But I've also realized tha as I get older that things are going to change regardless of whether I want them to or not. I was just hoping for a less-drastic change (and much later in life, thank-you-very-much).

I'm curious to know what's in there and how things are progressing, but I'm also frightened of what they'll find. But fear is also a practice area for growth. I may not be 100% whole coming out of this but I'll still be the same person that went into this.