I'm sitting here on the couch with my laptop on my lap (and a bamboo laptop desk underneath so I'm not relying on my legs to support said laptop. It's relatively quiet outside. I spent the afternoon writing a program to take my appointments for my treatment from a JSON file to an iCal (calendar) format for Google Calendar. That saved me some time trying to get those damn things into the calendar (pro-tip: if you are showing events please please please have a way to export that to a .ics formatted file. It saves a ton of transcription errors). Also went through my read and review folder to dump a bunch of articles from my RSS feeds into Pocket (where I tend to read those types of articles). Feeling a sense of relief and accomplishment about the day. I'm able to relax a bit and just listen to the outside world. I can hear some of the traffic driving outside but little else. I'm also hearing a cat that wants to go to bed soon (after she's had her evening snack).The feeling of just relaxing after knocking a few things off my lists is pretty awesome. Tomorrow will begin another day of work but for now I can enjoy the quiet.

Tomorrow will happen soon enough.